A Bucket Of Rain

I don’t why would I still rant a about how hot it is here in the Philippines but I just can’t help myself. I know it’s the usual but every summer it just becomes hotter and hotter. Screw global warming!

I still hate those people who don’t care about mother nature. Everything is our fault. We are not contented on what we already have. Just like the song of Counting Crow’s says Don’t it always seem to go unless you don’t know what you got til it’s gone? They paved paradise and put up a parking lot.

I don’t have anything against technology but there are some things that we don’t need anymore. Sometimes technology make us lazy.

This for example:

Transportation – from walking to bicycles to cars. Do we really need to take a car to buy a candy from a 1 km distance? And cars releases bad air and straight to the ozone layer.

Food – from fruits and veggies to steaks to canned goods then go back to “organic” foods. Seriously, we are killing ourselves for eating junk and now that we are all aware of what is healthy, we are fooled with the organic hype and pay them at a higher price. Why would the natural be more expensive? What if people can’t afford it? Are they stuck with unhealthy canned goods?

I won’t elaborate on other stuff. You know how people destroy nature. It’s a good thing some do something about it. But do you think that “some” can change the world and bring it’s original beauty?

It’s so hot. I would gladly give my salary just to pay for a bucket of rain pouring on me.


12 thoughts on “A Bucket Of Rain

  1. There was a recent massive fire here in Toronto and as I watched the black fumes rising in the sky, I wondered about which part of the world it is going to harm. I concur with your sentiments on the organic hype—the deforestation, the animals harmed to keep away from the produce and the misleading labels. Sigh* Sometimes I justify not buying into it, by telling myself that my body is already saturated with chemicals, I could probably glow eerie green in a dark cave.

    • It’s hard though — to avoid what is given, wants that are considered necessities nowadays. It would be a process not to give in to what is “easy” for us and we are used to.

  2. I started getting some of the “organic” stuff when I shop because some of it wasn’t grown with chemicals, supposedly lol. But I agree with you , this world has gotten idiotic in its way of doing this and doesn’t care about the world around us anymore. Most companies only care about how they can make more money.
    Its not just foods either. In the US its like an unspoken law or something that people have to work their life away and not be able to live anymore. That’s what technology has done to this country. Its hard to find people who believe in this around here because they have gotten so use to the way things are and most of them don’t think they could live without their technology, even if it meant people on the other side of the world were suffering for it.
    Hope that bucket of water finds you real soon 😉

  3. You know, most of the stuff emitted from “ground” level can’t make it to the ozone,(look to the volcano’s, they been nuts the last several years) matter of physics, and yes, I have an engineering degree. But I agree with the concept of protecting nature. Most of the stuff being emitted, goes into our lungs and homes. Take C02 emissions, due to that it is suspected that it could be the reason that the northern forest’s belts have increased significantly. Plants use the C02 for photosynthesis. Yet, it has always been my way and a lot of my friends to live as close to nature as we can. We hunt our food, no antibiotics and hormone injections in the food and its lean meat. We grow a lot of our foods, veggies and I just don’t do cows milk which is full of the antibiotics and hormones, prefer Almond milk. If we all want to make a difference, vote, vote with your pocket book. We can all, regardless of our understanding of things make choices, I choose natural, the way it was intended to be. Technology is ok until it invades our life’s and turns on us, controls us. Our choices are the reason why we are experiencing these things. All of us. and when you buy, try and buy fair trade products.

    • Wow! This is really amazing. This just proves that we are free to make the right choices for ourselves and to mother nature and we have the capability to do them. Good to know people like you! 🙂

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