Every Anger Must Have An Expiration Date.

I don’t know if you have noticed but anger kills us. It cuts us deep just enough to tear us apart and break us down. Why do we notice more negative things than the positive ones? Is it because positive ones are almost like given everyday and it’s simply normal? Is it because when negative things happens, we are hurt and that hurt can ruin our whole day? But isn’t it our discretion to either feel nor reject those things?

Anger must have an expiration date. Have you ever imagined yourself being angry to someone for so long… forever? Your whole life? You’re better than that. What’s the use of being angry that long? What would it do to you? Will that person suffer that much if you’re angry? Would that suffering of the person give you joy in ways you can’t imagine? Useless.

Anger is a feeling. And what are feelings for? It’s a proof that we are human. Feelings are the stimulus of our actions especially in our relationships.Yes, anger, we need to feel it when we are fucked up by life. And so as happiness and love, all are feelings we need to feel in order to maintain balance. If we can’t experience anger, pain and loneliness, how will we know that happiness is one of the greatest feelings in life? 

I’m not saying that being angry is a mistake but being angry for a long period of time is. We have choices to be made for ourselves. If we decide to be angry at a person for months, will it please you? No. You bring it with you wherever you go. It’s a negative aura and it will always be written in your face and in your actions. It’s a chain reaction to you like if you’re angry, you are pissed — not just with someone but with things that you shouldn’t be pissed with, when you’re pissed, you don’t wanna go out and hang out with friends because you’re too busy hating the world. I am exaggerating but who knows, right?

Give an expiration date on all negative feelings you have. Let go of pain, anger, loneliness, suffering and forgive. Wherever you go, bring peace, love and happiness with you. You might be able to gain it back… doubled if I may add. It won’t hurt to be happy.


8 thoughts on “Every Anger Must Have An Expiration Date.

  1. Anger is so gruesome. I have seen it morph and manifest in peoples faces and I have seen how it destroys lives; it’s sad. I cannot deny that anger is a very very difficult feeling to shun away though. It’s the cause of all the chaos on our planet; our home.

    “Anger must have an expiration date.” It really does! Anger is a death stamp; it rots the soul so so bad. You need to write this down in a book of quotes or something! I love it!

  2. Good timing. In my new job, anger is holding onto me. It follows me home and festers. It’s like a poison that like you said kills you. Now I just need to find “the cure” to let it go.

  3. My dad once told me when I was venting about random things:
    “You can’t be angry all the time, life is too short for that S$%#t”
    I just smiled and said “I know, you have taught me well! That’s why I’m getting all the anger out of my system :)”

  4. Very well said! I want to just show this to that friend and just say: “When is yours expiring?”
    Because at some point anger makes people blind and reluctant to see what’s real. And in the end they just end up hurting themselves as well.

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