Risk Taker

I wanna fall in love deeply and I never wanna fall out of it.

Yes, that’s how strong I am and no matter what hurt me yesterday because I loved, I will never stop loving at all. I am willing to risk everything again and I am willing to be hurt again. Because that’s how you love, there are no reasons, no buts and you don’t give up.


8 thoughts on “Risk Taker

  1. The rawness some people exude around me, which makes them stand out from the countless superficial faces, makes me fall in love with those people! Time and again!

    • Got my heart broken for consecutive years by different people may it be romantic relationship, friendship or family… I got tired of it because pain was just so deep enough to burn me completey. This is what I said to myself when I felt the world falling apart and on me. Pushed myself with this thought, fixed myself on my own and hopefully be ready for the next person I meet. I know this is a hard thing to do but for me it’s either this or cry myself to sleep and be numb for better things to come. Wishing for your heart to be happy again! 🙂

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