The Truth About Forgiveness

The truth about forgiveness is that if you forgive someone, it doesn’t mean the following:

1. that they are sorry.
2. that they won’t do it again.
3. that they’ll be better than before.

The thing is that we have to live with that. We can’t control everyone and definitely can’t dictate others what to do cause they have their own lives to live and own decisions to make.

We forgive because it’s the right thing to do. We forgive to make peace with somebody and find peace with ourselves. We forgive so that we could let go and move on. If we hold grudges then we will always be stuck on the same page.


8 thoughts on “The Truth About Forgiveness

  1. I pray for others, especially when I am angry with them. I pray for all the best things in life that I would wish for myself, but I wish it for them. This creates compassion towards others, and extinguishes hatred. From this point, I can begin to correct my mistakes, and seek forgiveness from others who I once resented. Hopefully, I can bring about healing by this method. just wanted to give you spiritual food for thought. thank you for your time..

    • Thanks for sharing. I do the same. Praying for them and praying for myself to be patient and to understand every situation so that I won’t end up blaming and hating anyone for that matter.

  2. I totally love this…’s a hard truth but like you said, it’s the right thing to do. We have been forgiven so we need to also forgive! Thanks for that.


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