16 thoughts on “Are We Cheating On Life?

  1. I like all the philosophy that could be put into that question and it’s answer. I think no, I think we don’t know what life is, most of us don’t really grasp it, so we can’t cheat it. Maybe life is about cheating on life πŸ˜€ What do you think and why? πŸ™‚

    • I think it is somehow impossible that we don’t know life because WE ARE LIFE and WE LIVE LIFE. It’s a learning process that we keep on discovering what it really is. Maybe ignorance is part of cheating on it– like the way we try to avoid living it is a one way of doing so.

      I think what I meant to say with “CHEATING” is us breaking life’s natural form or LIFE AS WHAT IT IS. Did I make sense? Haha. πŸ˜›

  2. As a modern society I believe that we are definitely cheating life through medical advancement, as we are prolonging our natural lifespan to suit our emotional needs. We also cheat life when we terminate the life support of a loved one, an emotional decision or often financially motivated. And when someone is murdered, didn’t the killer cheat the victim out of life?

  3. Your question made me think.. i think we are cheating on life because the lifestyle we are in now, is not because we live to live, its more because (most) people somehow try to compete with others.

  4. For me,no. πŸ™‚ I think most of the time, we are cheating ourselves to have a life that we wanted for ourselves, thinking that the choices we make will reduce our burdens; escaping the better life that we ought to have. A better life is not a life without struggles, it is a life of contentment, joy and peace. That’s my opinion so, yeah

  5. In addition to that,:) For me life is what we make it, your life is who you are and what you do, your decisions, your character and the words you say. So we can’t cheat it. Our actions have corresponding consequences. It’s either we cheat ourselves or we let the truth of what life really means set us free. Hehe

  6. Hello.
    Thank you for the interest and support you’ve shown in my July 3words story.
    I hope you not only return and follow for August, but also consider participating. It really is fun not knowing where the story is going.
    I hope to self-publish a collection of my 3words stories this month – if enough participated I could do this each month, including your story.
    Either way, thanks again. And happy reading.

  7. Indeed. Are we? If so, may we discover the errors of our ways and beg forgiveness from life, then prove to it that we are devoted and faithful and grateful to life forever. May life not give up on us, may it not end our relationship with it, and may it help us come to love it even more…

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