She’s Just A Kid

Believe it or not, I taught Julia Montes (19 year old actress here in the Philippines) how to play the guitar. She is required to learn for her upcoming movie. Since it was new for me, I prepared for our lesson more than the usual. Dressed up nicer, an hour early and even bought my english with me. But it seems that I never needed any of it.

She’s just a kid. I don’t know how I concluded that one but she’s fun, she’s just talkative as me, with a good humor and simple. It was just like an ordinary lesson. What struck me most is that how she was enjoying herself with that simple lesson while having a gazilion responsibilities… well in fact, more than I do (I think).

During our lesson, they (production team and herself) tell me about the storyline of the movie, what the director wants her to portray, how the director wants her to portray it, meetings and so much more. In between those are our breaks where she just talked about fun stuff like how she enjoyed studying baking lessons with Kathryn Bernardo recently emphasizing on the list of what they baked that day and how good the cakes were.


When I got home, she and I exchanged pictures from viber. I posted 2 of our pictures on instagram, shared it on twitter and facebook. I never got that so many likes, favorites and retweets. Damn. I didn’t use much hashtags either. My phone was buzzing nonstop and almost got irritated. But this kid having almost 3 million followers on twitter, 500 thousand followers on instagram and hundreds of fake accounts… I wonder how she lives her life privately? How does she handle it?

If it was me, I may never want that side of the job. Let’s face it. We always wanted attention but that much? It was just too much. And that was just 2 instagram posts. Imagine if she was the one posting it. Maybe 20 times the attention I got?

She’s just a kid with a bunch of responsibilities and too much attention. How do you become a kid and cover it because you need to? I don’t know if you understand what I’m saying. lol.

I don’t appreciate movie actors and actresses before. I do watch pinoy movies but not all the time. I’m not a fan girl, I don’t care about their personal lives and gossips like other people do.  I think Julia made me appreciate them. It was nice that I met her.


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