How Do I Write Again?

Is it really possible that we constantly change? I mean we adapt to different situations but somehow it struck us one way or the other, right?

This I question because somehow I felt that I changed… well I think I do. Sometimes I feel like I am the better me, sometimes I am lost. I haven’t written or posted anything for months except the entry before this. I think I forgot to write. I don’t know what to write. There was a point in my life that there’s just too many thoughts, reflections and realizations everyday. And it just pops out of my head to a point that I needed to write it right away cause I might forget.

Now, I don’t know what to write about. I wanted to blog again but I don’t want to tell a story about my day cause it’s boring. I don’t want to brag about my problems cause it’s not healthy and I’m handling it anyway. I wanted to write about my recent experience on working with a film company here in the Philippines, got to meet movie actors but nah… I wanted to find those random thoughts I used to write about, wisdom I get from every problem, Reflections and positive outlook in life but where is it now?

Have I changed? Or was I just pre occupied? I wanted that part of myself back. I love those posts and I still want to inspire a lot of readers. How cab I be inspired? What do I do?


13 thoughts on “How Do I Write Again?

  1. I get what you mean. It happens to the best of us. What you’re missing is the inspiration to write. What I find is using the daily prompts programme by daily post usually helps.

  2. Can you do anything else to get the creativity flowing again? When I get stuck with my writing, I get my paints out. A few hours of being engrossed in creating of a different kind, usually does the trick.
    I hope you find your writing mojo soon.

    • Well, I do play an instrument and sing but I find blogging unrelated to it. Cause when I do play and sing for a while, I get motivated to continue to do so and not to do something else. Mmm. Maybe I just lack inspiration though… Hope I can find whatever it is too. Thanks so much! 🙂

      • Why not blog about your singing, the lyrics and how they relate to other things in life, or what the music means to you? 😉

  3. IMHO, life is about change, so it has always amused me how so many people fight it and/or try to make believe that things will stay the way they are forever.
    That said, I read an excellent book by Julia Cameron several years ago. In it, she explained how she takes 3 sheets of paper and pencil (not typewriter, as there is something cathartic about having the actual pencil in hand) then just writing – as fast as possible – anything that pops into your mind. Don’t worry about spelling, grammar, syntax, etc. Just write everything on your mind. I’ve used this technique to work out plot problems and all sorts of other life issues. Perhaps it could work for you, too.

  4. I totally get what you mean. Blogging comes pretty naturally to me but there are magazines that I write freelance for and sometimes I’m just stuck for what to write. The pressure of it being an obligation helps to get my creative juices flowing.

    • Really? The pressure of it helps you write? It may not work for me cause I tried it once. I write songs but when somebody obliged me to do so, I won’t be able to make a good one.

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