Burning Bridges; Putting Down Walls

It’s hard when you have invested a lot of time and emotion to people but in the end, still lost. We tend to put up higher and stronger walls around us so nobody can hurt us anymore. We have burnt bridges to avoid that feeling.

I have burnt a lot of bridges and it gets easier as time goes by. I don’t even know if it’s a good thing or not. Part of me is afraid that I may have guarded my heart so much that I don’t allow myself to feel anymore.

I just wish that when the time comes and we are all tired and afraid to get hurt, we’ll meet new ones who will invest all their efforts just to break those walls — just like what we did for the people who have left us — may be even better.


4 thoughts on “Burning Bridges; Putting Down Walls

  1. I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. Just a few people that I had to let go of, or let go of me and how much it hurts and in both my situations there is no fixing the bridge and it’s painful. I hope too, someday someone will come along and break down some of the walls I’ve put up. I hope this happens for you as well.

  2. Just keep the faith 🙂 And more than forgiving the people who left you, forgive yourself. Wag masyado harsh sa sarili, nakakastress yan. Fighting!! I hope you in heal time so you dont have to build walls anymore.

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