She Kissed Me First

Can you guys forgive mo for being a bit in a high school fever for now? lol

So I had this dream last night. Well, I’ve been stressed at work recently and so some of it was still in my dreams. Damn me for being a workaholic. haha. Anyway, a part of is stood out. 


I had a crush on this girl (Yes, a girl. I like girls sometimes.) 3 years ago. I don’t like her anymore but we text each other every other time just to catch up.

The Dream:

I came home from an outreach or work from out of town. I saw my ex-crush on the street almost near our house but I pretended not to see her so I just passed by her. A few minutes after arriving at my house, she knocked on the door and talked to me. Uhm, she was more like furious I guess? She was mad at me because she knows that I pretended not to see her. So in my mind, what can be a big deal since we’re not that close? 

She keeps on blabbing words but the thought of what she was telling me was: 1) She remembered the time when I told her signs that I love a person. I forgot the other parts but the last one was pretending not to notice that person. 2) She was furious because she has feelings for me and she doesn’t know if I was feeling the same way.
Then she kissed me. I kissed her back. I FELT IT. It felt good. It felt right. It felt real as if I wasn’t dreaming.

Waking up to reality:

I started thinking about her again and that kiss keeps on replaying on my mind. It’s sooooo weird. What should I do?


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