Why Are They Confusing Us?

7 Horrible Foods You Should Not Allow Near Your Mouth: http://www.mindbodygreen.com/0-10359/7-horrible-foods-you-should-not-allow-near-your-mouth.html

On a second thought, why would they let it be sold in groceries and restaurants? Why do they keep on fooling people around with this stuff?

Here in the Philippines, I’ve noticed that they promote what is cheaper. Let’s say for example, sachets. They make more sachets than regular shampoo bottles. On the side of the food, they’re on to seasoning and all-in-one mixes for dishes. We have great Pinoy dishes like kare-kare, sinigang, bicol express but they’re promoting it saying that all we need to do is buy the meat and combine it with the mix – no need to buy all the ingredients. Seriously, what’s in that? How did they make it as if it is what it is but it’s all flavorings?

There’s another one! Instant noodles and all its flavors! Ugh. I’m so freakin’ when I see their commercials. They’re telling people that it has vitamin A, B, C and so on and so fort. They even tell you it’s made from all natural ingredients. Yeah right, then why can’t we just eat the natural ones?

Are they telling us to purchase and eat their products (assuming and telling us it’s natural and healthy which it is really isn’t) and expect us to believe it’s good for us? Why do people on the Food Nutrition Authorities approve such products if they know they aren’t what they say they are? Then articles like this would show up and give us a wake up call every other time. What happens in between those times?