Kids are soooooo inquisitive.

Well, I was at our garage doing some work stuff on my laptop. I can’t do it in my room since Elsa (the dog we baby sit) can’t stop making noises if she doesn’t have company. So there I was on our garage working while kids playing outside. I took a break and watched The Vampire Diaries and it is, as of now, my new addiction and of course, while eating some chips. So this little girl came and asked if she could come in. I thought she would play with Elsa but then she sat beside me and watched with me asking so many questions and nagging about the series continuously – What’s that? What is it about? Can have your chips? Who’s he? Vampire? Can I have more chips? Is she his girlfriend? OMG he’s going to kill her! I told you he’ll be inside her house! What happened?… Ha! Ha! Funny! Just as when I was watching the intense part and I can’t concentrate. It also felt really awkward because they are too many violent scenes and and and… making out scenes. LOL!

I want to be annoyed but then it’s too cute. I guess I’m not used to having kids around me except in class when the kids are my students and I feel that I have an authority over them. I find it cute and entertaining. Because lately I was too fond of taking care of my grandma here at home and basically my extra time goes to her. It’s cute! It’s super duper cute! I like being asked no matter how many questions are there to be asked. Repeated questions, common sense questions, irritating questions… I like it. For kids, they’re just too curious about the world around them. For grandmas, well, they tend to forget and there’s a few things to talk about. I guess I can conclude that it doesn’t bother me at all. No harm can be done in asking. Right?