And I Love Her (Original Composition)

Hinawakan mo lang yung kamay ko, nagawan na kita ng kanta! Kinulam mo ba ako? Bakit patay na patay ako sayo? Translation: You held my hand once and that made me make a song for you! Did you put me under your spell? Why am I so into you?


Stanza 1:
She keeps me awake at night
Just when I needed to take a break
She doesn’t want me leaving
But I like the way I know that she will miss me so

She doesn’t stop making noises
Just when I need to work on my computer
She doesn’t want me giving away attention to something else
But I like that way of she wants me more than I can ever know

She is the dream that I have been waiting since a long time ago
She is the pain that I am not willing to let go
She is the noise in my beating and the silence in my yearning
She is the robber who stole my worries far far away and never gave it back

And I love her…

Stanza 2:
She keeps my head on straight
Just when I got my alcohol attack
She doesn’t want me drinking
But I like the way I know that if I did, I’d still be ok

She doesn’t stop making excuses
Just when I avoid taking my pills
She doesn’t want me weak
But I like the way I know I can be strong even if everything goes wrong

There she is looking at the bright blue sky
In her faded jeans, chucks and her vintage top/shirt
There she is looking at me like I am beyond ordinary
In her faded jeans, chucks and her vintage top

Held my hand… and I can never understand what it means but  I know exactly how it feels…

And I love her…

Click this link to listen to the audio: And I Love Her (Original Composition)


I’m 8766 days old and counting.

It’s the 2nd anniversary of my other blog but I guess I’m not really used to people reading it. Well, at least not by those people I really know. Anyway, enough it. I’m blogging again and no one’s stopping me! Lol.

I’m 8766 days old and still counting. I guess I was “uninspired” by the famous “#100days”. May it be 100 days of grace, thankfulness, devotion, good deeds or whatsoever… it shouldn’t be just 100 days right? We can’t just be thankful for 100 days and stop on the 101st. And why start now? Why not go back since the day you started to realize your brain is actually working and thinking at the same time, right?

So here’s mine. I’m 24 years old and I’m approximately 8766 days old or 8825 days to be exact. I’m thankful for what I have and at the same time, thankful for what I don’t have. I believe in my heart. My heart doesn’t lie, my heart can’t be fooled, my heart does what’s good and so can you.