A Successful Undergrad

Hi. I’m Tep, 25 years old. Stopped attending school in 2012 and I got a lot of effin awesome things to be thankful for!


Besides me managing our music school, handling around 45 students with different courses such as drums, guitar, ukulele and violin… I got a lot of job offers without me even applying for the position!

1. Hotel Manager in Subic. This was way back 2010 and my dad’s partners entrusted me with that position.

2. Marketing position in an airline. How awesome is that? I did an event for cancer institute of St. Luke’s and their head was really impressed with the impact of my work.

3. Music Teacher at a private pre-school inside White Plains (A subdivision for rich people cause of their mansions their).

Sometimes, I get too overwhelmed with what I can do that sometimes it seems like normal for me because I’m talkative, sociable and not shy to strangers. It’s just really flattering… everything! Considering the fact that I was a music student. I don’t have a background with the other positions.