How can you live?

How can you live without living at all?

Is there a guide on what is he proper way of living a life? Because sometimes, I feel like when people use the term YOLO (You Only Live Once), they take advantage of life. It’s a random question and I haven’t figured an answer or other thoughts at all. Mmmm.


7 thoughts on “How can you live?

  1. i was talking to this person and he said that he hates yolo and believes that people who use it mean that they want to end their lives quick hehe i kinda agree with him

  2. Well, sometimes you really have to think YOLO! but there are so much people who use it all the time. And they do forget that they can’t say YOLO to everything. Sometimes those people just do things without thinking, … and that can hurt their real friends. As if they don’t care, as long as they’re happy.
    So don’t yolo your friends, but do the YOLO when you have big dreams! Chase your dreams, so you won’t regret you didn’t.
    And if you fail? So what, if you count all the failure together you have more experience together!

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