Words Are Useless

Your words are useless without actions. It’s like a powdered juice without water. You can’t drink powder.

Showing off kindness on social networking sites is totally different from doing the actual thing. People would find it hard to follow what you lead if you don’t do what you preach. Changing the world is actually changing yourself first before broadcasting it. In fact, why do you need to broadcast it anyway?


3 thoughts on “Words Are Useless

  1. yeah thats the sad part nowadays about social media. people get so glued to it that somehow it has become the reality, instead of really getting up and doing it. sad case. seeking approvsl from others of ehich some you may not even know. but ohwell. its their choice. have a good day ahead! 🙂

  2. What you stated is so true and why I commend so many who are disabled or shut-in for whatever reason to intercede for others in prayer. Intercessory Prayer IS action and it is the giving of your time, (a part of your life) that you can never recoup and yet it is unselfishly for the well-being of someone else you might not ever know (until reunited with all in Heaven’s Glory!) and so I encourage all who can’t for one reason or another get out and do, to do for others through intercessory prayer, a true act of Godly Love, done unselfishly for others, empowered by the Holy Spirit and done through the Love of Christ Jesus!
    Been gone a couple of months but got a new computer and so checking up on all the blogs I liked to follow! Hope all is well with you and pray God blesses you as your continue to share and encourage all who come through your site.

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