Friends Keep You Sane

I’ve been through a lot and I mean it. I’ve been through and am still going through a lot. I have these never-ending problems and these problems have their own kids and broke down in so many detailed annoying ways. The sadness and hurt still hunts me everyday and my worries are there everyday telling me good morning when I wake up. But I think I am okay. My friends keep me sane. I don’t know how they do it but it’s so comforting to have people around you, a support group – you know people who catches you when you can’t take it anymore. I like that.

I’ve been with the wrong group of friends a couple of years but then it made me find the true ones. And I am so thankful for that. I wouldn’t worry about how they would react on what I am going to say because they wouldn’t judge me. They know my beliefs, my perceptions in life, my faith and how I care for my family and friends. I feel appreciated and special. I like it and I never want to lose them.

Friends…they keep me sane in ways I can’t explain and just as my old prayer goes: “Lord, I am very much contented with what I have and I can never imagine me without those people. Help me to let them feel how they are important to me. Help me to show how much I care for them. Please let them feel and know always that I am going to love them no matter what and never shall I give up on anyone of them. Amen.”


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